About Kent Safety Products

KENT SAFETY PRODUCTS is proud of our 60+ year heritage of keeping generations of workers safe on and near the water. 

Since 1957, Kent Sporting Goods company has developed trusted, proven, quality products for the marine industry.  With the addition of KENT SAFETY PRODUCTS brand in 2012 for the commercial, industrial and first response markets, we are the world’s largest life jacket manufacturer in the marketplace.

We have globally expanded and strengthened our product offering beyond the commercial fishing and shipping sectors to wind energy, public safety, and construction.

Drawing on the rich 60-year heritage, KENT SAFETY PRODUCTS continues to protect workers with a wide selection of inflatable life jackets, immersion suits, work vests, swiftwater rescue vests, throwable devices, and related equipment.

Our products have approvals and certification from the United States Coast Guard and Transport Canada.  Select items have approvals and are compliant with SOLAS, MED, ISO, and ANSI requirements.